7 Simple Ways to Elevate Quarantine Meals

As coronavirus levels continue to rise in the United States and other parts of the world, many people are retreating back into their homes to restart their self-isolation and protect themselves from COVID-19. If you are like me, the days at home, spent not visiting restaurants (or at least not eating inside restaurants), have become fairly monotonous and at times dull. Fear not, I, Heidi of Heidi's Food Reviews have 7 fast and easy tips to help you spice up your meals at home so you can feel the feels of eating in a restaurant without the risk!
  1. cute napkins

    The quickest and easiest way to spice up your meals at home are to add some fun napkins. Whether they be paper or reusable cloth napkins, adding a touch of color or a festive pattern can visibly brighten your table and also brighten your day!

  2. elevated plating

    Pull out that good china! If your 'good plates' are deep in the back of a cabinet, this may require a bit of effort. However, as a person who LOVES *fancy* glasses, using my nice dinnerware makes me feel like something special is happening... even if I'm just spending my 17th consecutive day inside the house. ;) If you don't have fancy dinnerware, use the nicest version that you DO have!

  3. variety of colors/flavors

    Mix up the colors and shapes of the foods you are eating to bring in some contrast. Not only does this oftentimes bring in more flavor and nutritional value to the food you're eating, the visuals of having an interesting looking plate can make you more excited to try new fruits and vegetables! For this meal I had a very simple selection of items, but each dish is styled uniquely to accentuate their flavors.

  4. things that spark joy (i.e. ur fave mug)

    Incorporate things into your table setting that bring you joy! Ususally, it's my Minnie Mouse mug. For this brunch, it was a honey wand that looks like it comes straight from a Honey Nut Cheerios commercial. I rarely use a honey wand, but it works perfectly with Otto Watler's Pure Cayman Honey from Grand Cayman.

  5. a visually stimulating centerpiece

    Whenever my mom visits me, she always brings me a bouquet of flowers. Is this weird? Yes. Is it also awesome? YEAH!! I love having a living element in any room where it is possible (and where it can survive lol). Not only does this add an aesthetic beauty to the room, it also has health benefits! Consider treating yourself to a small bunch of flowers or investing in a longer-term houseplant to decorate your table or space with.

  6. tablecloth

    Although tablecloths have come in and out of fashion over the years, I personally enjoy adorning my table with a seasonal tablecloth to get the festivities a-flowing. Usually, I use an antique white paneled tablecloth that my grandmother made many years ago. Other times, I tie the design of the tablecloth in with the season. My favorite tablecloth is the pink floral design I use at the start of spring. If you don't have any at tablecloths at home, many secondhand stores such as GoodWill or Marketplace have options available at a very reasonable price. Alternatively, if you are of a craftier persuasion, you can also make a tablecloth yourself fairly quickly and easily using supplies you can buy secondhand or wholesale.

  7. company

    The best meals need the best company, whether that be people or pets. Even with coronavirus, the abundance of technology allows us to connect in more ways than ever before. Grab a friend or hop on skype/facetime to virtually share a meal with those you love and care about. 😘


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