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7 Simple Ways to Elevate Quarantine Meals

As coronavirus levels continue to rise in the United States and other parts of the world, many people are retreating back into their homes to restart their self-isolation and protect themselves from COVID-19. If you are like me, the days at home, spent not visiting restaurants (or at least not eating inside restaurants), have become fairly monotonous and at times dull. Fear not, I, Heidi of Heidi's Food Reviews have 7 fast and easy tips to help you spice up your meals at home so you can feel the feels of eating in a restaurant without the risk! cute napkins The quickest and easiest way to spice up your meals at home are to add some fun napkins. Whether they be paper or reusable cloth napkins, adding a touch of color or a festive pattern can visibly brighten your table and also brighten your day!

elevated plating Pull out that good china! If your 'good plates' are deep in the back of a cabinet, this may require a bit of effort. However, as a person who L…

BK Impossible Whopper Review

After hearing hours of BurgerKing commercials advertising their Impossible Whopper throughout the past year, I decided to finally try the thing out for myself. Although I prefer McDonald's to BurgerKing, I do have a strong allegiance to the chain, so I felt it was my duty to give their new animal-friendly, sustainable product a fair review... and I was quite glad I did actually.

TL;DR~ It was good.

Whataburger's Dr. Pepper Milkshake

 Whataburger®️ 's New, Limited Edition Dr. Pepper®️ Milkshake
When I received the milkshake (I ordered a 20 oz) the presentation was exactly the same as every other Whataburger milkshake I have ever had. See image below.

The shakes at Whataburger are unusually big compared to the same size beverage at other restaurants as I've emphasized in the table below. However, if you're used to Whataburger milkshakes, this should come as no surprise.
SizeWhataburgerMcDonald'sSmall16 oz12 ozMedium20 oz16 oz Large 32 ozNA

Now for the important part: consuming the milkshake
AppearanceWhataburger's Dr. Pepper milkshake, upon inspection, was a standard chocolate milkshake, mixed with liquid Dr. Pepper soda. The appearance of the shake itself looked just like the usual chocolate milkshake that Whataburger serves.
ConsistencyI am pretty particular when it comes to milkshakes, as you will learn in a future post of mine, and I can feel a noticeable change in texture from Whataburger's…