Whataburger's Dr. Pepper Milkshake

 Whataburger®️ 's New, Limited Edition 

Dr. Pepper®️ Milkshake

Dr. Pepper Milkshake from Whataburger

When I received the milkshake (I ordered a 20 oz) the presentation was exactly the same as every other Whataburger milkshake I have ever had. See image below.

Whataburger Milkshake presentation

The shakes at Whataburger are unusually big compared to the same size beverage at other restaurants as I've emphasized in the table below. However, if you're used to Whataburger milkshakes, this should come as no surprise.

Size Whataburger McDonald's
Small 16 oz 12 oz
Medium 20 oz 16 oz
32 oz NA

Now for the important part: consuming the milkshake


Whataburger's Dr. Pepper milkshake, upon inspection, was a standard chocolate milkshake, mixed with liquid Dr. Pepper soda. The appearance of the shake itself looked just like the usual chocolate milkshake that Whataburger serves.


I am pretty particular when it comes to milkshakes, as you will learn in a future post of mine, and I can feel a noticeable change in texture from Whataburger's standard shake to the Limited Edition Dr. Pepper shake. The standard Whataburger shake has a smooth texture with small hints of ice flecks from the blending process. The Dr. Pepper milkshake had even more of this ice texture. To me, this increase in iciness was almost an homage to a Dr. Pepper ICEE®️. The texture was as if they mixed in a few tablespoons of a Dr. Pepper ICEE from 7-11 or another convenience store and blended it with the normal chocolate shake. I believe this iciness was caused solely by the coldness of the ice cream coming in contact with the Dr. Pepper. They likely are not actually mixing the shake with an icee, it just has the texture of it.


My first sip of the Dr. Pepper milkshake was strange, as I was expecting a heavy Dr. Pepper taste with a hint of dairy from the milk - in - milkshake. In contrast, what I tasted was a chocolate milkshake intermingled with the flavor of Dr. Pepper. I found it pleasant, as I enjoy the taste of Dr. Pepper. As I continued drinking, I occassionally tasted more chocolate, and near the end of my shake, I tasted a hint of almond flavor. Is that one of Dr.Pepper's 23 flavors or just a weird aftertaste from the mix of so many flavors? I have no clue. It tasted good tho.


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