Where to get Beignets in Austin, TX

I absolutely LOVE beignets! Ever since my first taste as a child living in New Orleans, Lousisiana, I have been hooked. After moving and then growing up in a different state, I still had access to beignets fairly regularly due to a very conveniently located cafe near my house. Once I started college though, my hometown beignet shop closed down and I was left searching for for a new place. Luckily, Austin is popping with different types of food, and after a quick search through GoogleMaps, checking out the beignet images, I found a great place! 

Epicerie is my favorite beignet place in Austin to date. During my search, I found food trucks and places where I could get flavored beignets, but epicerie is where I found the best classic beignets that I know and love - hot, airy, and coated in lots of powdered sugar!

For some background, epicerie is a French cafe/restaurant in Austin that serves a variety of food. In addition to beignets, they serve delicious French food that my European mother even approved of! You can see some of my original photos at the end of this post. Although beignets are more of a French Cajun type of food, the rest of the menu has a good mix between variations of French food. In comparison, some of the other 'French' restaurants in Austin have a tendency to be more of a 'French inspired' serving American food with a French twist. In my opinion, epicerie maintains a large degree of authenticity. 

So what do these beignets actually look like???

Take a peek.

I simply cannot recommend these beignets more! They are pillowy and airy, while still carrying the delectable fried dough taste necessary for a perfect beignet. I recommend ordering extra powdered sugar too, because even though there is a heavy dusting on top, you may need more to completely cover the bottom half of the beignet before stuffing in your mouth. The portion size is 3 large sized beignets, which can feed 1-2 people easily.  

I also recommend ordering a caffe au lait, caffe latte, cappuccino, or tea to provide a moisture component and a more bitter contrast to the sweetness of the beignets. It can also help prevent a sugar rush from attempting to eat all the beignets. :p

How to Get There:

Here are some other delicious dishes I recommend if you want something savory with your beignets...


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